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Had a great day shooting out from pixel studios with lovely models Basajia, Ebony Rae' and Super Tallented Ema Bartik doing make up.

Some shots Ive done this year before moving into freelancing..

Copyright SBM/Pixel Studios, Generic Publications, Rebel Sport.

Troy and Solei had a Beautiful wedding on Their 11th year anniversary, Troy proposed the year before. The Ceremony in Sydney's Botanical Gardens with the reception in Darling Harbour. Shot alongside Andes Marin who together have photographed a number of weddings as a team we got some great shots check them below.

Some of my favourite shots from this year for Pixel Studio, Few Christmas shots lots of fun and some challenging sitiations. Good Mix of bright/vibrant and dark and moody.

Copyright SBM, Generic Publications and Rebel Sport.


Had some fun shooting these for Pixel Studios were Ive been working for the last 5 years now, Crazy Huh?

Anna's concept was a cool idea, Everyone had fun,

Liam was at the helm blowing bubbles and shooting my portrait.

He also did huge print that looks great in the studio. Check em out Below

http://pixelstudios.com.au/ Copyright SBM 

Thomas Boss Man


 The Crew

Had a great day shooting the lovely Person trainer/model/health guru Kelly for Pixel Studios the other day.
I've been wanting to try a lighting set up of 4 soft boxes shaped in a big square for Beauty photography, for a while and was stoked to get the chance. Pretty happy with the outcome We also used a couple of different set ups and Backgrounds. Check out some of the shots... Check out Kelly's Instagram page at www.instagram.com/kellymareefitness/




  Its been a little while since I've been to the Stag and theres been a few nice changes. The food is great! They have put in a crowd Barrier which is handy when shooting and speaking to Buzz theres a few more nice changes to come. the place is a lot more pleasant to be in now.

Not sure if it was the new revamped stag or psychedelic metal band The Archaic Revival's incense but the place never smelt so good.


1st band The Archaic Revival were good having not heard of them before. Its always cool to see a leading singer on the drums not always the best to photograph though. The Bass Player was nuts pulling some crazy faces these guys were pretty solid and the crowd were digging them.


Red Bee Started their set with newys I Alone and Chokehold. As usual it was a super high energy set with the building crowd getting amongst it. These guys get tighter every time I see them. Unfortunately Roadkill has been taken off the set list the last few gigs to make way for the new songs but they have so many crackers to full up their set. Angelo's School of Arms is always insane and the crowd always goes nuts, You know the one Heavy part  quiet part then that crazy breakdown!. I look forward to working with these guys through the year on some stuff.


Ive Been A fan of Full Scale Revolution since I saw them Support Cog around 2004 at the Annandale Hotel and they blew them away and I'm a big Cog fan! Seen them a few times since then and Followed Frontman Ezekiel Ox's move to Mammal, The Nerve and Over Reactor when the band split. But his best work is with Full Scale and I was pretty excited to see them.

After a subtle bow to the crowd They started off with Crowd favourite Party Political and it was on from there. They sounded good! They seemed heavier, tighter and Angrier than ever. New Bassist and drummer fitted in so well with Jimmy and Zeke. Man it was good to see them live again. Empty Texas and here comes the weekend were intense! They Played the controversial 1949 and gave a big "Fuck you"! to Sony, Which was also the name of the Tour.

Ezekiel Ox always has the crowd in his hands and Ive always said he is Australia's best front man. He spent a lot of the gig in the crowd amognst the crazed punters and was on some big jumping dudes shoulders getting thrown about. This was one of the best gigs I've been to in a while one of the hottest too. Ive been listening to these guys pretty much everyday since. He spoke about a possible new album which is pretty exciting.

Met up with Zeke after the show and he was nice enough to take time out have a chat and sign one of my prints  and give me a big o'l hug.


Now with Cog making a comeback tour this year id love to see Full Scale join Sleepmakeswaves on tour and bring it back were it all stated for me. That would make me a happy Chaffey.

Check out some shots below....








The Archaic Revival

 Red Bee




Full Scale.







 The Boys from a Sydney Metal Band came into the studio to get some promo shots done with a couple of new members the band shall remain un named for now till they make their big announcements. The shoot went great had a lot of fun and am happy with the finished shots. Its got a bit of a walking dead feel to it...


















 I Had The Pleasure of working with the Lovely Nevena Tepić for a sporty fashon Shoot. Bit different to what I normally do, It was a great day and got some cool shots. Click below for more.







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Bec and Brocks wedding

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